Stay positive

How to Stay Positive During These Uncertain Times

7 Tips for Business Owners Most businesses just a short while ago could not have envisioned that the whole commercial world would be put on pause for the foreseeable future. For small and medium-size businesses that work to tight margins, there have been huge and unexpected challenges to overcome. Staying positive in such circumstances may[…]

Improve Your Google My Business Page

5 Ways to Improve Your Google My Business Page

Get Ahead of Your Competition As I discussed on an earlier blog post, Google My Business pages are critical for any small business that wants to improve their Google position. In this post, I discuss 10 ways to improve your Google My Business standing. Let’s Get Started 1. Include all the Minimum Information This step[…]

Google my business

What is Google My Business? And Why Your Business Needs It

Google My Business Explained Google My Business is a free listing and can help your business more easily show up in local searches. Go into the Google search engine and look for a restaurant, retail store, solicitors or garage, and you’ll see a map come up on the first results page that shows the location[…]

Improve your website banner

Improve your Website in 12 Simple Steps

Excellent web design can be a big challenge for businesses of all types. Getting your pages precisely right isn’t always as easy as choosing a template, writing some content and uploading a few stock images. If your current site is not performing as well as you hoped, here are some proven ways to improve your[…]