Google my business

What is Google My Business? And Why Your Business Needs It

Google My Business Explained Google My Business is a free listing and can help your business more easily show up in local searches. Go into the Google search engine and look for a restaurant, retail store, solicitors or garage, and you’ll see a map come up on the first results page that shows the location[…]

Improve your website banner

Improve your Website in 12 Simple Steps

Excellent web design can be a big challenge for businesses of all types. Getting your pages precisely right isn’t always as easy as choosing a template, writing some content and uploading a few stock images. If your current site is not performing as well as you hoped, here are some proven ways to improve your[…]


Why Sponsorship is Important for your Brand?

Standing out from the crowd is a huge challenge in any busy marketplace. Whether you are catering to a global audience or have a more localised approach, valid brand promotion and marketing are all essential. Here we take a closer look at how using sponsorship can help build brand awareness, boost credibility and allow you[…]

Social media and digital marketing blogs

7 Social Media and Digital Marketing Blogs for 2020

Our Favorite Social Media and Digital Marketing Blogs Social media and digital marketing is a fast-moving and rapidly evolving industry. Following blogs that cover social media and social media marketing is a great way to stay up-to-date with these changes. Having your own blog is also critical to any digital strategy. Here I’ve put together[…]

Why certification matters

Why Certification Matters

Why Bother Getting Certified? Here at Social Media Manager Ireland, we pride ourselves on the certifications that we hold, but recently I was asked about why certification matters to my business. In our experience people and organisations avoid becoming certified for the following reasons: I know everything already It’s a waste of my time I’m[…]

Social Media Strategy Banner

Building a Social Media Strategy

Home | Small Business Social Media Strategy Without a plan, most projects fail. Without a social media strategy, your social media marketing will also fail. Most businesses I talk to think social media marketing is simple. Post to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and traffic will flow to your website. Wrong, like anything in life you[…]