Cloud Email Security and Continuity

Cloud Email Security and Continuity

Is Email Putting Your Business at Risk? With cyber criminals lurking on networks, security has become a critical part of daily life, requiring constant focus on protecting your intellectual property and business data. Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are prime targets for cybercriminals, and more sophisticated attacks are increasing, resulting in serious consequences, from lost[…]

COVID-19 Support

Google COVID-19 Support

Free Ad Credit Google announced quite early on during the COVID-19 crisis that they would be supporting small businesses worldwide with $340 million in ad credits. More details have now been released on how the scheme will work. Here’s a summary: Why is Google offering ad credits to small and medium businesses? Small and medium-sized[…]

Facebook won't make you rich

Why Facebook Won’t Make You Rich

Facebook Takes Time and Money Many businesses sign up to Facebook and expect big things. We often get clients who come to us saying their ad spend isn’t delivering a strong ROI or their mere presence on the platform is not generating much, if any, income. While getting leads from Facebook is possible, engaging (as[…]

Stay positive

How to Stay Positive During These Uncertain Times

7 Tips for Business Owners Most businesses just a short while ago could not have envisioned that the whole commercial world would be put on pause for the foreseeable future. For small and medium-size businesses that work to tight margins, there have been huge and unexpected challenges to overcome. Staying positive in such circumstances may[…]