11th December 2017

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Social media event coverage, have you got time to do it yourself? You've spent a fair sum of money organising your event; how do you go about ensuring your event gets sufficient coverage? Good social media coverage can be critical to the success of your conference. Your organisation needs to be real-time and authentic to gain valuable visibility, gain new followers and engage with your potential clients. However, getting it wrong can cause a loss of reputation and potential future sales. Get it right, and your business and event can be a hot topic on social media.

Remembering what you did can be challenging without the event fresh in your mind. But with social media event coverage, you can quickly get a recap of all the highlights from your event.

Social Media Manager Ireland specialises in social media event coverage, covering conferences and events for clients across the UK and Ireland (we have also promoted events that we have attended for free!).

Over the past few years, we have visited and covered events like  #DMWF and #Milsocialmedia with great success.

Our Live coverage combines messaging, live event updates, hashtags and online photos and videos, leaving you with one focus, your event.

AWS summit Berlin
AWS Summit Berlin 2019

How We Cover Your Event

  • We can take manage your social media accounts for the duration of the event OR
  • Cover the event using our accounts
  • Create bespoke content throughout the event
  • Engage with other attendees and influencers.

Our event coverage combines the use of social media, live updates, hashtags and online photos and videos, leaving you the event manager with one focus your event.

How Much Does Social Media Event Coverage Cost?

  • Our social media event coverage starts from €500 per day but we recognise each event is different so get in touch today for a low cost, bespoke quote.

Outside of conferences, we can also manage your social presence, take a look a what we can offer.