Social Media Ideas for September 2020

5 Social Media Ideas to get you Started this September.

It's at this time of the month that social media managers start looking at their scheduled content for the coming months. Here's our list of social media ideas for September 2020.

5th September - National Cheese Pizza Day

General - It’s another pizza holiday and we’re not complaining. Talk about cheese pizza today using #NationalCheesePizzaDay.

Foodie post - Pizza is pizza, but there are a lot of things we can do with the cheese aspect of it. Suggest what kind of cheese to try on a homemade pizza recipe: the tried and tested mozzarella, something new and rustic like goat cheese, or a daredevil choice like blue cheese?

Fitness and health - Talk about the health side of cheese. What light cheese can be used for people trying to lose weight? How about vegan or vegetarian cheese alternatives?

Trivia - Talk about different kinds of cheese, their origins, and how some of them are made. You can also include cheese world records.


11th September - National Make Your Bed Day

General - Because of a busy work day ahead, a lot of us sometimes forgo tidying our bed after we wake up. Today, however, we should all make our beds. Remind your followers about this holiday and use the hashtag #NationalMakeYourBedDay.

Tips - Do you have tips on how to properly, quickly and efficiently make beds?

Health - Are there studies done about the relation between fixing one’s bed and a good night’s sleep? How can a tidy bedroom help with one’s overall health? This can be a #WellnessFriday post.

17th September - National IT Professionals Day

General - This is another day to thank your IT specialist. They help us a lot with confusing computer mumbo-jumbo and they deserve our thanks. Use #ITProDay on social media. This can also be a #ThoughtfulThursday or #ThankfulThursday post that can encourage your readers to be thoughtful and thankful to their IT people.

Thank you post - Thank the IT workers in your audience. You can get creative with your post, like featuring an IT-themed illustration.

Joke post - You can also compile funny IT work experiences from the web.

Recommendations - For those wanting to give their IT person a gift, what gift ideas would you suggest?

23rd September - Autumnal Equinox

General - It’s officially the start of fall! Time to leaf summer behind and welcome the chilly weather, orange leaves, and pumpkins. You can use these hashtags: #HelloFall / #HelloAutumn, #SweaterSeason / #SweaterWeather, and #FinallyFall.

Snapshot - Share a GIF or collage of pictures showing how the leaves change their colors for fall. Nature is quite magical so tag your post with #WednesdayMagic.

Fashion and beauty - What are the trends for this season? What makeup looks are popular for autumn? You can also focus on a particular fall fashion, like sweaters or hats.

Foodie post - Share the best and most popular and awaited dishes and desserts for fall season. Bust out your pie recipes, soup ideas, and hot beverage mixes. You can also feature seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Discussion - For people who love this season, ask them what makes fall so special for them. What are they looking forward to the most for fall?

29th September - National Coffee Day

General - Tell your readers to enjoy a cup of coffee on this nice Tuesday morning and enjoy #NationalCoffeeDay.

Infographic - What’s the difference between an Americano and a Flat White? Share a handy infographic of the most popular coffee drinks.

Tips - Do you have tips on how to properly brew a good cup of coffee?

Recommendations - What beans do you recommend? How can origin of the beans and climate affect the quality of beans? What would you recommend to a newbie coffee enthusiast? You can also feature local coffee shops that you support.

Foodie post - You can also share recipes that use coffee as an ingredient, like coffee ice cream, affogato, coffee cake, etc.

Health - What does coffee do to our body? When is coffee consumption become too much?

Get creative - Some artists use it in place of paint or watercolor. Share this art medium today.

Corporate - How is the coffee consumption in the office? Share a snapshot of your employees enjoying a cup of joe.

Business - If you serve coffee, this is a great time to offer promos and discounts to your customers.

Discussion - Ask your readers about their Coffee habits.

This months tips come to you via our friends at RawShorts.com.

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