Shiny object syndrome

Shiny Object Syndrome and how to Overcome it

5 Ways to Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome There is a drastic difference between having ideas and being able to turn ideas into successful business ventures. As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you are naturally bursting with fresh ideas and boundless energy; however, channelling innovation into tangible success requires the ongoing management of shiny object[…]

Improve your social

10 Ways to Improve Your Social in 2021

Improve Your Social Media As this year draws to a close we take a look at how you can improve your social media even more in 2021. Any business with ambitions of garnering a loyal customer base must play the social media game. Regardless of personal opinions on these communication tools, almost 90% of Millennials[…]

Why certification matters

Why Certification Matters

Why Bother Getting Certified? Here at Social Media Manager Ireland, we pride ourselves on the certifications that we hold, but recently I was asked why certification matters to my business. In our experience people and organisations avoid becoming certified for the following reasons: I know everything already It’s a waste of my time I’m too[…]