Social Media Ideas for August 2020

5 Social Media Ideas to get you Started this August

It's at this time of the month that social media managers start looking at their scheduled content for the coming months. Here's our list of social media ideas for August 2020.

1st August - National Girlfriends Day

General - Gather your female friends and have a fantastic day today. It’s your day, girlfriend! Use #NationalGirlfriendsDay on social media.

Recommendations - Suggest gift ideas, fun activities to do and foodie places to visit. You can relate this to your industry or promote your own business.

Foodie post - For those who want to host a party or have a cook-out with friends, suggest recipes and snacks they can make at home. Add cocktail recipes and chocolate dessert ideas!

Snapshot - Post a pic of you and your girlfriends or ask your followers to share their own photos with their friends. You can even make this a fun contest and give prizes to the most interesting, most creative, or funniest pictures.

Fashion and beauty - Some girls like to have makeovers and spa dates. Suggest makeup ideas they can try, and soaks and scrubs they can do for a spa date at home.

Throwback post - Use #ThrowbackSaturday and reminisce memories of your closest female friends. You can also use this as a discussion topic -- ask your followers about their memorable experiences with their female BFFs.


8th August - National Happiness Happens Day

General - Let your followers know that happiness can happen to them. Times can get rough but let us not forget the happy moments in our lives. Tag your posts with #HappinessHappensDay.

Health - Use this opportunity to highlight the importance of mental health care in the country. Do you have organizations that you support?

Recommendations - What activities do you consider fun and can be a source of happiness? This can be games from our childhood, eating good food, or selfless acts like volunteering for a charity. You can also relate your recommendations to your industry or promote your business or brand.

Funny/uplifting post - Make your readers smile by posting a joke, a funny meme, or an uplifting news story.

Thank you post - Thanking the important people in our lives can make us happy and can spread happiness, too. Make a #ThankfulSaturday post and thank your audience, inspiring people in your industry, and your family.

Discussion - What makes your readers happy? What are their happiest moments?

13th August - Left-Handers Day

General - Let’s appreciate left-handed people today. Use #LeftHandersDay on social media.

Health - What does science say about left-handed people? Does it really affect our brain?

Trivia - Share wrong myths and disturbing folklore about being a leftie.

Tech post - What items and gadgets are tailored for left-handed people?

Discussion - Ask the left-handed people in your audience about their experiences as a leftie. You can use #TopicThursday for your post.

22nd August - National Tooth Fairy Day

General - The tale of the tooth fairy has mesmerized a lot of kids. Spread a little magic today and share dental hygiene lessons with #NationalToothFairyDay. You can also use a fun hashtag like #ToothySaturday.

Trivia - How did the myth of the tooth fairy start?

Health - Do you use the tale of the tooth fairy to teach dental hygiene to kids?

Discussion - Ask your readers about their tooth fairy experiences as a kid. Did their parents tell them stories? What gifts did the tooth fairy give them in exchange for their teeth? This can also be a #ThrowbackSaturday post.

26th August - National Dog Day

General - It’s a woof-tastic day for our canine friends. Tell your readers today is a special day for their dogs. Post about it online and use the hashtag #NationalDogDay.

Recommendations - Suggest activities for pet dog owners, like jogging with their dogs, cooking homemade dog food or treats, or dressing up their canine pals with adorable and comfy costumes.

Health - What benefits do we get from our canine companions? Do pets really help with our mental health?

Feature - If you support animal organizations, shelters, and campaigns, share them to your followers and tell them how they can help and improve the welfare of dogs and other pets.

Snapshot - Take a selfie with your dog, post dog pictures from the internet, or share dog pictures contributed by your followers.

Funny post - Share a doggie picture doing or dressing up something related to your industry or business.

This months tips come to you via our friends at RawShorts.com.

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