Social Media Ideas for July 2022

5 Social Media Ideas to get you Started this July

It's at this time of the month that social media managers start looking at their content calendar for the coming months. Here's our list of social media ideas for July 2022.

1st July - Plastic Free July

General - This month is a reminder to all that we need to reduce our use of plastic. For July, encourage your readers to go plastic-free. Use #PlasticFreeJuly on social media.

Tips - Do you have any advice to go plastic-free? You can give general advice and specific ones that relate to your industry.

History - Talk about the history of aviation and how people back then made their early blueprints.

Environment post - What is the current state of plastic trash in our planet? What is going on with the “plastic island” that is forming due to trashes thrown to our oceans? Are there green organizations that are working on it?


4th July - American Independence Day

General - Time to celebrate freedom, fireworks and good food! You can use the usual hashtags like #FourthOfJuly / #4thOfJuly, #JulyFourth, #IndependenceDay, or use cheeky and funny tags like #PartyInTheUSA and #HappyBirthdayAmerica.

Foodie post - Get out your grills and share barbecue recipes. What are great side dishes that go well with grilled meat? Do you have design ideas for desserts to make it Fourth of July-themed? Don’t forget the drinks! What beverages are perfect today? Share cocktail recipes and alcohol mixes for the grown ups, and juices for the kids and alcohol-abstaining adults. You can use the hashtags #ChillOutWithYourGrillOut, #RedWhiteAndBurgers / #RedWhiteAndBrews, and #FreedomFood. July 4th is also #BarbecueDay and #SpareribsDay.

History post - Talk about the independence of America and the events that lead to it.

17th July - World Emoji Day

General - Emojis have changed the way we express ourselves. Have fun with emojis today and celebrate the holiday by using #EmojiDay on social media.

Emoji post - Make a post with just emojis. You can connect this to what you do or your industry. You can even make a guessing game out of it.

Foodie post - How can you add a little emoji fun in your desserts? You can share a tutorial on how to design emojis on cakes and cupcakes using frosting or fondant.

Trivia - Before emojis, there were emoticons. Where and how did emojis start? What are the most popular emojis? How was this term coined?

Discussion - Encourage your followers to comment with just emojis in today’s discussion post. You can ask them about their favorite products or services (from your brand) or how they are enjoying summer.

21st July - National Be Someone Day

General - Today, encourage your followers to be someone good. Be someone helpful and thoughtful, be someone who is kind and polite, and be someone who shares the goal of National Be Someone Day by using #BeSomeoneDay on social media.

Trivia - Who started this holiday? What is the goal of this day?

Listicle - To motivate or inspire your readers, list down the good deeds done by strangers that got highlighted on the news or went viral on social media.

Recommendations - Supporting local businesses can help your community. If you support small businesses from your area, market these shops to your audience.

24th July - National Amelia Earhart Day

General - Feature this inspiring lady who was a renowned and fearsome aviator of her time. Use #AmeliaEarhartDay on social media.

History post - Talk about Earhart’s achievements and life.

Listicle - There are numerous theories on what happened to her when she disappeared on her voyage over the pacific. List interesting theories and even the bizarre ones.

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