Social Media Ideas for June 2020

5 Social Media Ideas to get you Started

It's at this time of the month that social media managers start looking at their scheduled content for the coming months. Here's our list of social media ideas for June 2020.

1st June - Say Something Nice Day

General Post

Compliment your readers today and encourage them to say nice things to other people. Use #SaySomethingNiceDay on social media to spread the good vibes to others.


Compliment/thank you/motivational post

Make your readers smile by thanking and/or complimenting them. You can also make a post that can motivate and boost their self esteem.

Get creative

You can also be artistic with your post by making a nice illustration or using things related to your industry.


What health effects happen when we feel happy and confident?

9th June - National Children's Day

General Post

Let’s make the world a better place for kids by celebrating this day online. Use the hashtag #NationalChildrensDay.

Call to action

You can share organizations and causes that focus on children. Tell your readers how they can support or volunteer.

Parenting advice

How can one be a better and much more supportive parent?


Share activities that can be done by parents or guardians and kids. You can even tailor this to what you do or your industry.

18th June - Treat Yourself Thursday

General Post

This Thursday, treat yourself and encourage your readers to treat themselves too with National Splurge Day. Use the hashtags #NationalSplurgeDay and #TreatYourselfDay on social media.


Suggest items and services that you think your readers should splurge on. You can relate this to your industry.


Are there studies about shopping and splurging? What does it do to our mental wellness?

Meme post

Are there gifs or images with captions that are about splurging, shopping, and treating yourself?


Ask your audience what they would like to splurge on today.

21st June - National Selfie Day

General Post

Time to take selfies -- more than usual, at least. Tell your viewers to snap and share their own selfies, too. Use #NationalSelfieDay to tag your selfies.


Since today is also the start of summer, put some summer vibes to your selfies. You can use #SummerSnapshot or #SummerSelfie for your selfies. Your pictures can also have elements related to your industry.


Do you have suggestions on how to take better selfies? Camera angles? Camera apps? Filters?


Are there statistics related to selfies? How about world records or news articles written about it?

25th June - Global Beatles Day


This renowned music group has rocked the music world ever since their debut. Today honors the musical accomplishments of The Beatles. Use #GlobalBeatlesDay on social media.


How did they write some of their iconic songs? What’s the start of this iconic band? Are there hidden meanings to some of their songs?


Engage with your audience and ask them about their favorite Beatles song.


This month's tips come to you via our friends at RawShorts.com.

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