Social Media Ideas for November 2020

5 Social Media Ideas to get you Started this November

It's at this time of the month that social media managers start looking at their content calendar for the coming months. Here's our list of social media ideas for November 2020.

1st November - AviationHistory Month

General - Technology has come a long way, and in the aviation world so much has changed and progressed. Talk about the history of airplanes, the people who became pillars of aviation, and the ongoing improvement of our flight technology. Tag your posts with #AviationHistoryMonth.

Feature - Post about the people who made aviation possible.

History - Talk about the history of aviation and how people back then made their early blueprints.

Tech post - Where is aviation technology heading?


12th November - TryItThursday

General - This hashtag encourages your audience to try something new today. Suggest new activities, products or services to try -- you can even promote your industry or business. To fit the season, you can also suggest fall-themed ideas.

Snapshot - Have you tried something new lately? Show your participation for #TryItThursday by posting your own experiences.

Discussion - Ask your followers if they have tried something new lately. From your suggestions, which ones are they keen to try?

16th November - FastFood Day

General - Healthy or not, fast food deserves an acknowledgement for the convenience and deliciousness it brings. Tell your audience they can use this day as a fun excuse to get some fast food treats today. Use the hashtags #NationalFastFoodDay and #MondaySnacks on social media.

Foodie post - Recommend your favorite fast food joints! What do you love to order? For people who want to make a homemade version of the usual fast food treats, share some recipes on hamburgers, fries, tacos, pizza, fried chicken, and hotdog sandwiches.

Health - Despite being convenient and tasty, fast food can be quite unhealthy. Talk about some health problems we can get from consuming too much fast food.

Trivia - Talk about the origins of fast food in America, like how White Castle started five-cent hamburgers or how Happy Meals were first served on 1979.

Discussion - Ask your followers about their favorite fast food snacks.

23rd November - SmallBusiness Monday

General - Promote small businesses today! Use the hashtag #SmallBusinessMonday.

Business - Do you have a small business? Use this day to market your business online. Post a short profile about your business, share what products or services you provide, and use this opportunity to give discounts and promos to entice new customers.

Tips - For people who want to start a small business, do you have advice on how to start?

Recommendations - Supporting local businesses can help your community. If you support small businesses from your area, market these shops to your audience.

27th November - #WaybackFriday

History - The past gets the spotlight for #WaybackFriday. Talk about Native American history for Native American Heritage Month. You can focus on their history related to Thanksgiving.

Listicle - Make a list of Native American historical facts that people often forget or remember wrong.

Recommendations - For people in your audience who want to learn more of Native American history, you can suggest books, documentaries, and even movies that tell the true story of American natives.

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