Social Media Ideas for October 2020

5 Social Media Ideas to get you Started this October

It's at this time of the month that social media managers start looking at their scheduled content for the coming months. Here's our list of social media ideas for October 2020.

1st October - EmotionalWellness Month

General - We shouldn’t just be mindful about our physical health -- our mental and emotional health are important, too. Share this reminder to your audience today and use #EmotionalWellnessMonth as a hashtag.

Tips - Do you have advice on how we can be mindful of our emotional wellness, as well as the emotions of others?


10th October - World Mental Health Day

General - Having proper mental health care in our country is a discussion we should have. Use this day to talk about this topic and use the hashtag #WorldMentalHealthDay.

Health - Some people might not know it yet or refuse to understand, so share the reasons why it’s important to have proper mental health care. You can also share statistics and reports on how mental illness has affected the people in your area. This can be a #SaturdayThoughts post.

Feature - You can also feature organizations, charities, campaigns, and projects that are lending a helping hand to those in need of mental health help or are pushing for better mental health in your area.

Listicle - You can make a listicle of the common misconceptions people have on mental health and its issues.

15th October - National Grouch Day

General - Grouchy people, it’s your day today. Celebrate National Grouch Day with your audience, and hopefully the grouchy people will be less grouchy today. Use #NationalGrouchDay on social media.

Encourage - Tell your followers to cheer up their grouchy friends and loved ones today.

Funny post - Post an Oscar the Grouch picture or GIF. You can also share funny things a grouch would say, like “May you step on a lego today!”

Foodie post - Decorate cupcakes, sandwiches, and other foods with grumpy faces. You can use icing, sauces, or condiments to form a frowny expression on foods.

18th October - National No Beard Day

General - Sometimes, you just want to shave all your facial hair off. Tell your bearded audience that it’s okay to shave it off once in a while. Let your face be free from hair today and post about #NationalNoBeardDay.

Tips - Shaving and trimming one’s beard can be tricky. Share tips and tricks on how to do this. You can also recommend shaving tools and products or review the popular ones in the market.

Snapshot - You can share a before-and-after picture of someone who shaved off their beard. You can use the hashtag #FreedomSunday for a fun post.

27th October - National Black Cat Day

General - Black cats are sadly the usual subject of superstitions and bad luck. Today, however, is a special day for these felines. Celebrate Black Cat Day and use the hashtag #NationalBlackCatDay on social media.

History post - Share some superstitions and folklore about black cats. How did these stories start? What is the involvement of black cats in our history?

Feature - Share animal organizations and shelters that work to help and save cats.

Snapshot - Post a black cat photo today. You can even choose a picture of a cat that is wearing or doing something related to your industry or business.

Fashion and beauty - The mysteriousness and charm of black cats can be seen in the fashion and beauty world. Feature clothes and accessories that have the black cat aesthetics. For a beauty post, share products and techniques that do the cat eye eyeliner well.

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