5 Reasons to Stay Active on Social Media

Why you Must Stay Active on Social Media

Do you wonder why you never get any tangible results from your social media accounts?

You know what it’s like. The platform looks great; you start using it, then weeks turn to months, and you never do anything other than post content, or post nothing at all.

It’s easy to turn all your focus to creating quality content or feel that interacting on social media doesn’t qualify as a priority for your already over-full schedule. Maybe it's time to outsource your social media?

The truth is - if you don’t do the work, you won’t get the results. If you’re not active on your social media account regularly, it’s very noticeable and will work against you.


Social media is just that – it’s a community. If you’re not socialising on it, it won’t work for you. Social media marketing is the fastest growing marketing method for small business, so the last thing you want is to be left behind.

But don’t panic – being active on social media doesn’t have to take up all your time.

Let me explain the 5 reasons

Number 1 - Connection

The point of social media is to connect with your target market directly. If you are not on social media regularly, you are doing nothing other than creating another storefront.

Your followers like your brand, so look – you already have loads in common.

Think of your followers as your tribe. They might be strangers, but they like what you have, so use your commonalities as a point of connection.

All you have to do is pop into your followers' profiles, like their posts, and leave comments or two. 

Please don't be creepy or over the top about it. Genuinely click on things you like, and you'll see your engagement levels rocket because your brand is now an actual entity they can connect with. 

Number 2 - Traffic

Now that you have your follower’s attention – you can direct them to different parts of your site with every post. Meaning you can regularly build your website traffic and boost your rankings for a wide range of pages and products. 

Does it work? You’ll see it does.  

When you interact with other people, they notice and return the favour – it’s a two-way thing. Make sure your content is ready to make the most of the attention with quality, fresh and regular posts that include effective yet subtle calls to action.

Number 3 - Interest

With followers regularly checking your wall, you can make your social media account an exciting place to visit.

Showcase your brand and appreciation for your customers with engaging polls, exciting competitions, tantalising opportunities for your customers to get involved in decision-making about products, intriguing insider video content and lots more.

All of these strategies will strengthen your brand and customer loyalty, securing those long term customers that will make your business a success. 

Number 4 - Growth

The increase in engagement will pay for itself because the activity is what social media companies want - it’s good for business. So you’ll find the more active your account is, the more the platform will do to ensure your account gets seen. 

Likewise, the more followers are clicking on your links; the higher those web pages will rank. It’s a win-win all around.

Number 5 - Trust

Lots of potential customers will check your social media when they're researching your brand. If your account is inactive, with low engagement, it makes your company look dull, out of touch and possibly fake.

Similarly, when followers click on a social media account that hasn't been used in months, they'll assume it's either fake or abandoned and move on. 

So maintaining an active social media account is an essential part of ensuring your brand remains credible.  

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