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Fake Restriction Messages on Facebook Pages

Introduction Over the past few months, numerous Facebook page owners have fallen prey to a concerning trend of receiving fake messages accusing them of violating community standards and subsequently restricting their page. These deceptive messages not only create unnecessary panic among page owners but also serve as a means to exploit them. In this blog[…]

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Social Media for Car Dealers

Drive Your Dealership Forwards Social media has become an essential part of marketing for car dealerships. With so many potential customers online, it’s important for car dealerships to have a presence on major social media platforms. If managed correctly, social media can be a great way to increase brand awareness, engage with customers, and even[…]

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Why Should you Support Local Business?

6 Reasons to Support Local Business Supporting local businesses can have several benefits for both the local community and the economy as a whole: Boosts the local economy: Buying from local businesses helps keep money within the community, supporting local jobs and contributing to the local tax base. Supports local entrepreneurship: You help entrepreneurs and[…]

Image Copyright on Social Media

Image Copyright on Social Media

Copyright on Social Media – What are your rights? Social media sites have become an integral part of our lives. We use them to share our thoughts, ideas, and images with one another. Unfortunately, many people forget that the images we share on social media are not always ours to do with as we please.[…]

Stay active on social media

5 Reasons to Stay Active on Social Media

Why you Must Stay Active on Social Media Do you wonder why you never get any tangible results from your social media accounts? You know what it’s like. The platform looks great; you start using it, then weeks turn to months, and you never do anything other than post content, or post nothing at all.[…]

Choosing the Right Social Channels

Choosing the Right Social Channels for Your Business

5 Easy Steps You know your business needs to utilise social media marketing but the very idea of attempting to decide which social channel is right for your business sounds like extra work you don’t need right now. Sound familiar? Social media marketing is big business but as someone who works with small business owners[…]

Components of a Good Website

Components of a Good Website

There’s no doubt that a good website forms the backbone of marketing activity for many businesses. It cements the connection between the customer and a range of products and services, delivering the sort of engagement that keeps users coming back again and again. Website development has been made easier over the years with intuitive interfaces[…]

Imposter syndrome

Impostor Syndrome and Small Business Owners

Running a small business takes hard work and commitment so it’s not surprising that entrepreneurs suffer a crisis of confidence now and again when things get tough. Impostor syndrome is a much deeper mental health issue, however, one that can prevent small business owners from achieving their dreams. Here we look at what it is[…]