Wordpress website hosting

Website and Email Hosting

Coming Soon Social Media Manager, Ireland is pleased to announce the pending launch of our new WordPress website hosting service called Babblefox. Over the coming months, we are planning to launch and roll out a new service offering to our customers managed WordPress website hosting. The new service will include all the usual functions you[…]

Lightsail vs Shared hosting

AWS Lightsail Vs Shared Hosting

A Comparison – AWS Lightsail Vs Shared Hosting Are you planning to launch your blog or website? If yes, then you have to think about the hosting first. Hosting is a common technical term used by website developers across the world. A hosting service enables users to make their websites accessible through the internet. If[…]

Amazon Web Services For Your Small Business

7 Amazon Web Services For Your Small Business

Running a business has always been a challenging venture. Being your own boss can be equally challenging. In today’s age with the recent leaps and bounds in the technology sector, running your business has been made immeasurably easier. No matter if you are a sole trader that has just started or a seasoned business veteran,[…]