Social Media Ideas for April 2020

5 Social Media Ideas to get you Started

It's at this time of the month that social media managers start looking at their scheduled content for the coming months. Here's our list of social media ideas for April 2020.

1st April - April Fools Day


For a fun topic, ask your audience the funny (but harmless!) pranks they’ve done or went through.


Sometimes, people go too far with their pranks. What are some pranks posted online that have gone wrong? What are some of the best or worst pranks and practical jokes from companies and corporations?

Trivia and Facts

How did this holiday start? What is the history of this special day dedicated to pranks and practical jokes?

April fools
April Fools Day

Gentle reminder

You can also post a reminder to your readers that pranks shouldn’t go too far or hurt anyone.


7th April - National Beer Day

Foodie Post

You can share recipes and tips on how to make craft beer. You can also post snacks and munchies that go well with beer. There are also recipes that use beer that you can share, like beer-battered fried chicken or chili with beer.

Trivia and Facts

Beer is the third most popular drink in the world. Share more trivia and historical facts about this beloved beverage.


Nation beer day
Nation Beer Day

What beers do you recommend? You can also feature a beer expert to talk about craft beers your audience should try.


17th April - Wine Friday

General Post

This can be partnered with #NationalCheeseballDay (the same day) for a great foodie post.


Suggest some wines that go well with cheese or #NationalCheeseballDay.

Fitness and Health

You can also talk about how wine, in moderation, can be healthy.


Wine Friday
Wine Friday

24th April - Guide Dog Day

General Post

Guide dogs are invaluable helpers. Post about how helpful these animals are, how they are trained, and how people should be reminded not to disturb a working guide dog. Use #GuideDogsDay in social media.


Feature a guide dog today. You can even make a short interview with its owner.

28th April - Selfie Tuesday

General Post

Guide Dog Day
Guide Dog Day

This can be a versatile post and hashtag. In your selfie, you can feature a person, announce a new project or product, or just show your mood on this fine Tuesday. You can also encourage your community to share their selfies.


Do you have tips on how to take the perfect selfie? How can you showcase the beauty of spring in your selfies?


Our list of social media ideas was compiled from the list provided by Rawshorts.com.

Selfie Tuesday
Selfie Tuesday

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