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Building a Social Media Strategy

Home | Social Media Social Media Strategy Without a plan, most projects fail. Without a social media strategy, your social media marketing will also fail. Most businesses I talk to think social media marketing is simple. Post to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and traffic will flow to your website. Wrong, like anything in life you[…]

Pareto principle

The Pareto Principle for Social Media: Why You Should Be Using It

Social Media in a Modern Age In today’s world, online marketing can be a very daunting and challenging venture to undertake. No matter if you are running your own personal social media page and want to grow its following or you are running a social media page for a business, understanding digital marketing will help[…]

Advantages of Social Media in Healthcare

Advantages of Social Media in Healthcare

Since the invention of the internet, the world’s communications have changed drastically. With this change came the inevitable rise of social media for both personal and business purposes. With billions of users every day and billions of more devices with access to the internet, it has opened up a global marketplace to business and individuals[…]