15th April 2020


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Cloud Email Security and Continuity

Cloud Email Security and Continuity

By Marc Creighton | Jun 22, 2020

Is Email Putting Your Business at Risk? With cyber criminals lurking on networks, security has become a critical part of daily life, requiring constant focus on protecting your intellectual property and business data. Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are prime targets for cybercriminals, and more sophisticated attacks are increasing, resulting in serious consequences, from lost[…]

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Social Media Ideas for July

Social Media Ideas for July 2020

By Marc Creighton | Jun 17, 2020

5 Social Media Ideas to get you Started this July It’s at this time of the month that social media managers start looking at their scheduled content for the coming months. Here’s our list of social media ideas for July 2020. 1st July – Plastic Free July General – This month is a reminder to[…]

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TikTok for your business

Is TikTok Right for Your Business?

By Marc Creighton | Jun 12, 2020

TikTok, the Next big Thing? TikTok has been touted as the next big social media platform off the production line (though it’s been around for a couple of years now). It has grown in popularity in the UK with the recent Covid-19 lockdown and, with 795 million users worldwide and rising, it’s certainly worth a[…]

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Working From Home

Working From Home – The top 5 Distractions and how to Deal With Them

By Marc Creighton | Jun 4, 2020

Tips to Help you Cope Following the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, many of us are ‘out of office’ at the moment. For some, of course, this is nothing new. Thousands of people work from home each day, either full time or a few days a week. For others, setting up a home office and getting[…]

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Improvise, adapt and overcome

Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

By Marc Creighton | May 27, 2020

5 Examples of Small Businesses Overcoming COVID-19 I don’t have to tell you how hard businesses have been hit by the global COVID-19 pandemic, and none more so than small businesses. However, with a bit of forward-thinking, there are some great examples of small businesses having to improvise, adapt and overcome the current situation. Here[…]

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June Social Media ideas

Social Media Ideas for June 2020

By Marc Creighton | May 19, 2020

5 Social Media Ideas to get you Started It’s at this time of the month that social media managers start looking at their scheduled content for the coming months. Here’s our list of social media ideas for June 2020. 1st June – Say Something Nice Day General Post Compliment your readers today and encourage them[…]

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Website Offer

Website Offer

By Marc Creighton | May 14, 2020

Special Pricing Social Media Manager Ireland understands small businesses, we are one after all. We also realise that your small business may need a little help during these difficult times, and that’s why we have this special website offer for the next six months. A brand new website for just €295.00 (Pricing examples below) Responsive[…]

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COVID-19 Support

Google COVID-19 Support

By Marc Creighton | May 4, 2020

Free Ad Credit Google announced quite early on during the COVID-19 crisis that they would be supporting small businesses worldwide with $340 million in ad credits. More details have now been released on how the scheme will work. Here’s a summary: Why is Google offering ad credits to small and medium businesses? Small and medium-sized[…]

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Facebook won't make you rich

Why Facebook Won’t Make You Rich

By Marc Creighton | Apr 27, 2020

Facebook Takes Time and Money Many businesses sign up to Facebook and expect big things. We often get clients who come to us saying their ad spend isn’t delivering a strong ROI or their mere presence on the platform is not generating much, if any, income. While getting leads from Facebook is possible, engaging (as[…]

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